Rehabilitation Institute of Southern California


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Adult Day Care    is a social day program for older adults with social, physical and functional limitations. The program combines rehabilitative services with creative social, recreational, educational and social support services. It is designed to provide a warm and supportive environment for older adults who are experiencing a decrease in functioning due to stroke, arthritis, sensory loss or other physical impairments. Eligibility is available to adults 60 years or older who are in need of maintaining or improving their independence in physical functioning, social, recreational, and/or communication skills.
Community-Based Adult Services    is a restorative and maintenance rehabilitation and medical services in a structured, outpatient day program setting. Services include physical, occupational, and speech therapies; nursing care; social services; cognitive retraining exercises; nutritional counseling; pharmacy consultation, recreation & socialization; and a hot lunch served daily.
Independent Living Skills    training occurs in the individual's home and community. One-to-one instruction with a team of professionals, assist the individual in accomplishing specific goals and objectives described in their Individual Program Plan.
Transitional Adult Activity Center    is a creative day program designed to teach and maintain functional living and educational skills. TAAC specializes in serving adults with developmental disabilities teaching skills that can be adapted into the community and at home.
Transitional Adult Program    is a creative day program designed to teach and maintain functional living skills. TAP specializes in serving adults with developmental disabilities who require extended periods of "real work and life" challenges to improve and enhance a person’s quality of life.
Child Development Program    is an Early Intervention Program serving children with special needs or who are at risk for delays, 0-3 years old. Our programs offer a global approach to building skills in all areas of development. A multidiciplinary team of professionals work with the children and families to build skills in socialization, fine & gross motor, speech & language, cognition, sensory organization and self help skills. Each child is evaluated upon entering the program in order to determine their skill level and establish objectives to meet over a 6-month period of time. Early evening Parent Education Meetings and Support Groups are offered regularly.
Early Learning Center    offers outstanding programs for the young child; the Infant & Toddler Center, and the Preschool Center. The child care program is integrated, i.e., children with special needs play and work side -by-side with other children
Vocational Supported Employment    assists individuals in the development, placement and maintenance of successful and competitive employment within the consumer’s community. Job placement is designed in either an individual or group placement (4 consumers) depending on the consumer and employer needs.
Vocational Industrial Services    is a division of the Rehabilitation Institute of Southern California (RIO), providing paid work opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. RIO Industrial Services meets and abides by all applicable state and federal Department of Labor standards.
Therapy Services    are provided by a multidisciplinary team of highly trained and skilled physical and occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists. Assisted by social workers, a consulting neurologist, and referring physicians, the professional staff evaluates and treats patients that may have illness, injury, or birth defects.
Aquatics Services    offers a variety of programs, available to all members of the community; including persons with disabilities. We offer general water exercise programs as well as specialized classes for persons with arthritis, person that have suffered from a stroke, persons with Fibromyalgia and other ailment that may hinder your mobility. All classes are conducted by experienced, trained certified Instructors.
Sandpiper Swim School    has been providing quality swim lessons for individuals of all ages and abilities since 1946. Sandpiper instructors and staff make every effort to build a stress-free, fun learning environment, with personal attention and positive reinforcement for swimming success. We welcome all children with or without disabilities.